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Let me guess…

You’ve always been active. At times you’ve been crazy fit. You enjoy moving your body. Sometimes your workouts are hardcore, other times a yoga class will do you right. You usually fit into your clothes.
You’re pretty happy with your body.

Santa Monica Workout Programs
You appreciate what your body can do and you’ve come to peace with its limitations.

But, for the last few years you keep feeling like your body is capable of getting into really great shape.

You’d LOVE to remember what it feels like to be proud of your hot naked bod.

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But you want more than to just kill it in your skinny jeans and know flawless form –
You want to be inspired.

You want someone to give to you like you give to so many. Because your workouts are the only opportunity you have to think about YOU.


 I get it.

I created Body Inspired Fitness so I could show my students how to get their dream body in half the time & without the drama.

I inspire my students to make every opportunity in a workout a chance to do something extraordinary.

I dedicate every moment of my life to making your sweat-time an opportunity for you to feel inspired in your life.


If you think you can handle this kind of intensity and love…

Then I hope I get to work with you soon. Sign up now for my next 7-week Body Inspired Fitness Program in Santa Monica.

XO- Angela Parker

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