Body Inspired Fitness Team

Angela Parker founded Body Inspired Fitness (BIF) offering in-home private fitness training to kids and families. BIF became successful and profitable within it’s first year.

Angela hired a full staff of trainers who offered her Body Inspired method to clients (ages 5-95) across Los Angeles, from Malibu to Pasadena.

BIF created their outdoor group fitness program that is still offered today. Holly Clapham joined the BIF family.

Holly created her Female Inspired Training Series (F.I.T. Series). This program was an instant success.

Alyson Golditch joined BIF as the Marketing and Operations Director.

Angela launched workout videos on You Tube that began her five year adventure of appearing across a variety of media outlets including: The Talk, The Marie Osmond Show, MTV’s Chelsea Settles, ESPN, ABC, Physique with Dominique Dawes, Hallmark Channel, Home & Family, Good Day LA, Self Magazine, Carson magazine, Untitled Magazine, The LA Times, Modern Mom, and more.

Angela becomes a PUMA sponsored athlete. Angela, Holly, and Alyson keep building BIF – creating and offering more programs. Including creating and selling a variety digital fitness & food programs.

Jared Rodriguez joined BIF.

Jared’s role in BIF grew as he began team teaching the morning outdoor group fitness programs with Angela.

Jared created his evening outdoor group training program.

The crew of four had hit their groove and BIF was officially on fire! Every single session was (and still is) consistently full and often waitlisted.

Angela steps down from leading BIF leaving her legacy to Holly and Jared who take over full ownership of their programs. Jared creates Body Inspired Fitness Santa Monica, where the two of them will continue work together, under Jared’s leadership to continue the legacy of the original Body Inspired Fitness.