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Angela Parker
Founded Body Inspired Fitness in 2003
@goeatdrinksweat Santa Monica CA

Cheese lover. Whisky nerd. Travel junkie. Podcast host. Nomadic entrepreneur. Yoga all day everyday.
I believe workouts are a chance to practice being a better human being.
I want to inspire you to realize you’re already an amazing athlete.
I’m on a mission to bring yoga to as many people as possible.
I work with my best friends in the whole world.


American College of Sports Medicine CPT
– National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher
Triggerpoint Level II

I consider myself THE luckiest girl in the world. I get to work with my three best friends – Holly, Alyson, & Jared – to make Body Inspired Fitness the kind of company that ignites inspiration & creates change in our community. I walk to work. I wear comfy clothes. I get to move my body in ways that make me happy. I’m in love with my best friend Justin & our freeloading roommate is our cat Pumpkin. I travel a ton. I eat amazing food everyday. And I just launched a podcast called Eat. Drink. Sweat. – I told you I was the luckiest girl in the world!


Version 2

Jared Rodriguez
Body Inspired Fitness team member since 2011

@jaredrodriguez_training Los Angeles, CA

Progression Addict. Live Music Junkie. Cold Shower Taker.
Delivering thought-provoking inspiration for growth hungry humans.  
Whiskey Geek. My dream is to chase a tornado one day.  

Fitness Director
Program Development + Head Trainer

– American Council of Exercise GFI
– Triggerpoint MCT Level II
– Weck Method Rotational Movement Training

I am a creative, optimistic, f*** excuses, diversity embracing, problem solver. My fitness education and experience are not simply a vessel to train, but to educate clients on what exactly their mind and bodies are going through during the training process. I never train two people exactly the same. Your mind, body, energy, fitness goals, needs, and personality are your own – It’s my honor and life’s work to understand what makes you unique and build progress through connecting with you!


Version 2Holly Clapham
Body Inspired Fitness team member since 2005
@bodyinspiredfitness Studio City, CA

Feisty human. Prolific baker. Halloween queen. Candy Lover.
My day isn’t complete unless I’ve been outdoors.
Sense of humor is that of a 10 year old boy.

Director Ladies-Only Programs + Safety
Body Inspired Fitness team member since 2005

– National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association 
– Mat Pilates
– Pilates & Pregnancy
– Sports Injury Specialist

– Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist
– Fitness Nutrition Coach

I love my job. I get to bring fitness and health into people’s lives. I am unbelievably grateful that I get to work with the best trainers in the world, teaching the most amazing people, all while watching the sunset over the ocean every night. I adore this quote by Maya Angelou – “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within”


Version 2

Alyson Golditch
Body Inspired Fitness team member since 2007
@bodyinspiredfitness  Los Angeles, CA

Jeopardy lover. Manicure & massage queen. Veggie addict.
Impromptu weekend getaway taker. Personal development & pop-science reader.
I love my family and may have an unhealthy obsession with my 5 nieces and nephews.
Saturday nights usually involve a nice meal & then sweatpants.

Marketing + Operations Director
USC Annenberg School for Communication

What gives me purpose & joy is bringing happiness into the lives of the people I love. I’m humbled that I’m able to do that within my own beautiful family as well as my Body Inspired Fitness family. I am, literally, surrounded by love every single day.  I am grateful for each and every one of life’s challenges as they’ve shown me how precious life is & remind me to live each day to the fullest.


Our entire team is certified in CPR, AED, First Aid, & Emergency Response Training. We’re licensed by the city of Santa Monica & fully insured.


How It All Started…

The first time I ever stepped into a gym, I was wearing a cotton teal halter top, crazy-short daisy dukes, faux leather flip flops, and a bad attitude. My friend Holly had forced me to come exercise with her. So I did. Armed with a stack of magazines, I planted myself at the foot of her treadmill while she began her workout. Within moments I was bored. So I proceeded to inspect each machine reading the how-to guides on each. I not only disregarded the clearly explained instructions – I was determined to use them how they were NOT meant to be used. And then that bitch Holly made me do a push-up.  My life changed the instant I lowered my chest down to the ground and used my own strength to push myself back up. Before that push-up I had no clue what it felt like to do something powerful.




I started to love how exercising made me feel in my life. I was fascinated I’d been living in this body for so long and I had no freakin’ clue how incredible it was and what it was capable of doing. I wondered ‘Does everyone else know this magical secret?’ I discovered that most people did NOT know that having a fitness program is the simplest way to feel like a bad ass every single day.



I picked up some impressive certifications. Started Body Inspired Fitness in October 2003. Made some tear-away flyers & blanketed the Pacific Palisades. Within months I had a full roster of personal training clients. I was driving all over L.A. in my ’98 four-door green Toyota Corolla to work with clients ages 9-99. That’s not a joke – In 2004 my youngest client was a sassy 9 year old girl in Bev Hills & my oldest was a 99 year old blind man in West L.A. Yup, blind.


One day, as I sat in my ‘Rolla, munchin’ on grapes, waiting for a client, I had a flood of thoughts… ‘What about people that can’t afford private training? What about folks that train harder in a group setting? What if I created a program where my current students could train, the peeps on my waitlist could join, & I could invite anyone who wanted to get fit with me for a fraction of the cost?’



My BIF multi-week sessions were born. And how did I spread the word? Ummmm… Did you spot any a-frame pink & white “Join My Boot Camp” signs mixed in with the Westside real estate open house signs circa 2006? Yes that was me.


Remember Holly from earlier in my story? Guess what? We’ve trained & taught together now for almost nine years! She’s a huge part of BIF & in 2007 she started our BIF Ladies-Only Evening Program.   PLUS she’s one of my favorite human people who makes THE best gluten free treats & leaves the best voicemails & makes the best mixed CD’s (yes we still listen to CD’s!).  



You know that phase “good things come in small packages”? Meet Alyson Golditch. Coming in 5’4” and a buck-five soaking wet, this little nugget is THE smartest lady I know. Al started working with BIF summer of 2008. Within months she brought us into the modern era. She streamlined our registration process, revamped our site, created our popularYouTube Channel, handled our press & TV appearances, e-programs, & more. She still manages all of these items in addition to the admin & operations of our 7-week Santa Monica program, our personal training clients & international Skype clients – I told you she was incredible. I’m grateful for her every single day I am on this earth!


One day Alyson says “My friend Jared is an amazing trainer & he’d be a great addition to BIF. We went to prom together and he looks like a model”. I met Jared Rodriguez at the now closed 17th St Cafe in Santa Monica in 2011. We ate flavorless curried chicken salads & had like 16 iced teas. By the time our three hour lunch ended I knew BIF was ready to grow our little family. Jared was kind, passionate, & had the most important thing in common with us gals – He was dedicating his life to inspiring others to use fitness to find joy.  He started the following Wednesday. In addition to being our Fitness Director & Lead Trainer – Jared designs & instructs all our co-ed programs. Coming in 2017 Jared will launch his weekend workout series that will connect diverse & inspiring fitness and yoga instructors with clients all over L.A.




Angela & The Body Inspired Fitness Team

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