Mother-Daughter Fitness Program: A Sneak Peak of my NEW Book!

My first book, “90 Days to a Stronger Body & Deeper Connection with Your Daughter,” is BORN! It has been my life’s work for many years to educate, motivate, and inspire families to live happier, healthier, and more vibrant lives.

Over the last 8 years I have noticed a significant disconnect between a mother’s body awareness and her own daughter’s ability to connect with her own. I attribute this to a lack of SELF DISCOVERY and lack of COMMUNICATION. As women become mothers they don’t just wake up one day finally feeling confident about their bodies. After all they are still women – struggling with body issues, food struggles, and self-esteem drama. But now that they have become mothers they are supposed (ahhh such a danergous word) to inspire their daughters to celebrate their bodies and love themselves no matter what. Hem. Excuse me? Double standard much?

Until we as women can be OK telling the world “Im NOT ok in my skin ALL the time! Im still working on that!” we can not expect our daughters to be free of it either.

The answer? TALK to your daughter! SHARE with her your struggles and how you got to where you are NOW. Tell her how you felt and what you wish you knew when you were her age. In opening up the lines of communication we become connected and start the process of loving our bodies. No matter how old or young we are!

Can you imagine giving your daughter all the years of knowledge and tools you have under your belt, saving her from years of self abuse? The results can only be… Beautiful.

The book is filled with Mom Only Workouts, Mom & Daughter Duo Workouts, fitness tips & tricks, a fitness test, reward ideas, calendar ideas, a nutrition Guide, a food benefits list, food tips, our favorite quick recipes, tools to help you get started, a commitment contract, monthly checkins, and last, but most certainly not least, WEEKLY CONNECTION QUESTIONS— the most important part of the program!

Our CONNECTION QUESTIONS give you the script to start a unique dialogue with your daughter about how she feels about her body NOW. Our CONNECTION QUESTIONS are designed to – Open the lines of communication – Allow you to share your experiences with your daughter – Teach you how to talk about self-esteem & body image – Inspire your daughter to be a self assured & confident young lady – Give your daughter the gift of loving her body!

Here is a sneak peak from the book:

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