Healthy Summer BBQ Tips on Fox Sports with Dominique Dawes

July 4th came & passed, but summer & bbq/grilling season is just taking off in full force. Summer is my all time favorite time of year, especially my favorite time to EAT. Many of you are probably thinking ‘What is she talking about? Summer is the time to get as skinny as possible and eating less is the way to do that.’ I SAY THAT IS A BUNCH OF BS!

Summer is magical! It’s time for family vacations and laying out at the beach, but also a time to eat fresh foods in a NEW healthy way! It’s time to get inventive & redefine what healthy means! To me eating healthy means real, clean, vibrant foods- it doesn’t have to be a plain, boring piece of dry chicken. To me, summer is a time to indulge in the juiciest fruits, to make foods flavorful with spices, to fire up the grill and to overload my plate with color veggies! Creating color on your plate makes you feel a lot more satisfied & when you feel satisfied you’re not going to go back for seconds and thirds.

I notice that this time of year makes many of my clients a bit overwhelmed. They are feeling great & ready to rock their beach bods, but then the party invites roll in- AND BAM! They don’t want to hinder their progress, but are nervous to be surrounded by all the yummy festive foods. So what’s a fit, healthy body to do…

Check out the video below to get some of my healthy summer & bbqing tips in the video below. What tricks do you use during the summer to eat healthy, but still keep your palette excited & make your tummy happy?



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