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The holidays are by far my favorite time of the year. The occasional fall leaves (I live in LA!), pumpkin EVERYTHING, and most importantly, celebrating with the greatest friends and family a girl could ask for!

I call this season “The BIG F” – Fall, Fun, Family, Friends,  AND…FOOD!

I’m not disillusioned by the fact that time seems to run short no matter how much I plan in advance. WE ALL DEAL WITH THIS! With much less planning time + cocktail parties + Thanksgiving Day feasts + traveling, I find that my more or less balanced eating regimen is shaken.

BUT, as many of you know I am a planner. I have pretty notebooks, calendars, to-do lists. I have engagements planned for March 2013! I thrive on this organization. Call it OCD or whatever you want…But this tendency is what will help me (AND YOU) STAY FIT THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS!

With the help of my friends at PALETA, this is what I have planned for AFTER Thanksgiving (Nov 26th-28th)!!!

Starting the Monday after Thanksgiving (Nov 26th), I, along with anyone up for feeling extra fabulous will be doing the…


– Anyone is able to sign up for our juice cleanse, do it with us, AND get the discount!
– All boot campers & anyone else who is participating will start the 3 day juice cleanse on the SAME DAY, Nov 26th. This includes ME!
– In addition to having Paleta deliver the cleanse right to YOUR DOOR STEP, I will be updating everyone daily with what to expect, how to prepare, how I will eat while during the detox, and how I will modify the detox to support my intense workouts.
-I recommend the CORE Detox and that’s the cleanse I’ll be doing.
** As you see, you get a magic milkshake each day (it is magical– you’ll believe me the second it touches your lips), but you can change your milkshake flavor if you’d like to.

The other magical flavors offered are:
-vanilla bean
-chocolate hazelnut
-pumpkin pie
-holiday ‘nog

Please specify on your juice cleanse order which milkshake flavor you want if different from the default vanilla. You will get the same milkshake each of the three days.

All info about PALETA’s cold pressed organic juices can be found HERE.

– Enter code BIFThanksgivingDetox at checkout to redeem our BIF discount.
– The 3 day juice detox will be ONLY $247 (normally $300). Cheers to that!

**Must make your juice cleanse order by 5pm Wednesday, Nov 21st for your Monday, Nov 26th delivery. 

This is going to be a lot of fun and get all of us super svelte & back on track after our Thanksgiving Day festivities. I encourage you to PLAN AHEAD during this time of year- it is key!

If you wish to do or order the detox now, order Paleta gourmet food delivery, or learn more about Kelly Boyer check out the PALETA website.

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