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4 Tips for Staying Hot & Keeping Your Sanity When Traveling

When attempting to discover a lot of the world (or potentially just France) in a relatively short amount of time it is inevitable that I would start to feel a bit – ummmm – what’s the right word?

What day is it?

Okay so maybe OFF is the best word after all.

It’s been very tricky to find a routine when the whole goal of this adventure is to free myself of one. With three weeks down and four to go, I believe I have uncovered the most important 4 things I need to do to keep my body, mind, and attitude on track.

So from Provence France, I present to you…

4 tips for staying hot & keeping your sanity when traveling

Part One.

1. Hydrate

In my 6 Day SLAM Plan the entire first section is dedicated to hydration. I personally believe hydration is the KEY to not looking like shit and not eating like a maniac. I PREACH about drinking tons of water.

So what is the first thing I FAIL to do when I arrive in Europe?

No joke… I didn’t drink more than a glass of water a day for four days in a row. I noticed that I was dehydrated NOT because I was thirsty (that’s what wine is for), but it was because my skin looked horrible, and my appetite was out of control. I looked like Amanda Bynes trapped in a bakery. NOT CUTE!


I (now) have 48 ounces of water when I wake up and continue to have another 90+ ounces throughout the day. No excuses, except on days that require tons of car or train time. Because I find that peeing down my leg is also NOT CUTE.


2. Sweat Every Morning

I don’t give a shit if you drank a bottle of wine, two Grand Marnier’s with an orange slice garnish, and a swig of Lemoncello, you get your ass out of bed, put on your workout gear and GO!

The first layer is simply just moving for an hour.

The second layer is moving as fast as you can for as much of that hour as possible.

The third layer is to add in equal parts cardio, strength/toning, and stretching.



In addition to setting out my sweat swag the night before, I make a creative and fun workout plan, taking into account my location, surroundings, and the weather. I love to explore a new location by running it! So I will plan to run for a certain amount of time, then for my strength/toning portion I’ll set a goal for either reps or time. This makes it easy to get in everything I need to keep my body bangin’. I also plan for a 20 minute stretch. YES 20 minutes! When I don’t stretch I get big.  Since I usually, and proudly, put on a few lbs while traveling it is even more important I keep my body as long as I can. No matter what, I don’t skip my workout! I might make adjustments, change my route, or rework my initial rep count, but I make myself do it. Not only does it keep my weight in check, it clears my head, gives me some alone time, allows me to reconnect with myself and stay in a routine.

I always carry identification & money, and let Justin know when I expect to return and make him remember what I’m wearing. If you are traveling solo email a friend, or leave a note with this info. You can’t be hot if you’re abducted.


Traveling Tips 3

3. Establish a Morning Routine

I swear, all I want in life is to wake up and have tea IMMEDIATELY! It’s such a tiny thing but I LOVE it. After three weeks of traveling this morning ritual is (almost) all it takes to make me feel comfortable, at ease, like myself, oh and not a total bitch! It’s not about the tea. It’s about comfort and a sense of routine. To keep myself sane I try and start each day exactly the same. No matter where I am, what day it is, how late I went to sleep, or what the schedule is for that day. Because this much I know – the first few hours of my day is all I have power over. That’s it. Once I begin my daily adventure, traffic, trains, and tourists take over and I no longer have control.  So starting my day off right is key to staying sane and in turn looking like a million bucks. Or 739,208 euros.


1. I wake up at the same time every morning. Keeps at least part of my daily schedule consistent and ensures I get the chance to sweat!

2. I make sure I have what I need to make tea in my room right when I wake up! I carry tea bags and honey with me. Then I will ask for a kettle, or be sure I have access to a microwave, so I can make hot water right away. If we stay at a B&B and they don’t have these things I will ask to make it in their kitchen when I wake up. Don’t try to get in my way on this one. #IFuckingDareYou

3. I workout every day. Obvi.

4. I have fruit for breakfast. It’s impossible to find green juice or smoothies in Europe. All that is readily available for breakfast is bread. And a more traditional breakfast of eggs is hard to come by, not served till late, and is expensive. Angela searching for breakfast when she is starving is a very, very dangerous thing and something that should be avoided at all costs. To omit the possibility of disaster I make it easy. I eat two pieces of fresh fruit. It’s cheap, easy to find, and a great way to start my day.

5. MOST IMPORTANT trick of all – I plan items 1-4 the night before!


Traveling Tips 2

4. Do everything you can to get a good night of rest.

I am a super light sleeper.

I need between 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

You can see my dilemma. 



I use several fantastic and very inexpensive supplies to ensure a good nights rest while away from home!

1. Eye Mask. The Bucky brand is my favorite because the molded foam doesn’t smush my eyes. I actually sleep with it every night even at home.

2. Ear plugs. I don’t sleep with them but I keep them by my bed just in case some asshole in the next room wants to watch “Where are they now” on VH1 at 3:00am. Dick.

3. I plug in small cheap travel speakers into my iPhone and use the White Noise app so I can drown out strange noises that may keep me up, or worse wake me up in the middle of the night.

4. I bring my own pillowcase from home. Genius!

5. I keep the room as cold as possible. Ain’t nothing worse than waking up and being hot.

6. I don’t go to bed drunk. If I had too much to drink I’ll wait it out and pound water. No matter how late it is.


There’s loads more to come about traveling and staying refreshed. If you are just joining me on my journey now, start HERE and follow the #APTravelAdventures on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!





  1. you are amazing, sharing this info with all of us while you’re on vaca…thank you!!! continue having an amazing time…you will never regret the time you take for yourself, and the memories you create by doing so. love!

  2. Natalie Forte

    Angela, you are HILARIOUS! I laughed most of the way through this post. The Euro conversion & the “Dick” comment. I adore you and can’t wait to squeeze your fine ass when you get back. I love you and think you should carry a taser when you run too :)

  3. Lol …especially after my European vacation last year. Wish I knew then what you’ve taught me now! Miss you!!

    • Angela

      JULIA!! Miss you too! That just means you have to plan another Euro vaca soon : )

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