The one thing I do to lose weight

I put on 5 pounds while I was on vacation.


Less movement and more food. Duh.

However, unlike being home I was lucky enough to be enjoying foods, flavors and dishes I’d never had before. Like eating cappellacci pasta stuffed with sweet pumpkin in Ferrara Italy, piadine with fig jam and soft cheese in Emilia Romania, deer meat risotto in Switzerland, and ricotta & honey pastries in the outdoor market in Freiburg Germany.

I may be a smart lady but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to unearth the wonder of my five pound increase.

How do I feel about these five extra pounds?

I’m glad you asked.

I HATE not feeling like myself. *THAT* is what’s annoying. I don’t give a shit about the weight. I just don’t feel like me. You know?

It’s the healthy small things in my day that make me feel connected to myself, & happy with me. Like walking every night after dinner & listing to a podcast, eating my favorite breakfast of vanilla Siggi’s yogurt + frozen macadamia nuts on the floor in total silence, stretching while wearing a sleep mask & listening to tropical house music, and eating frozen grapes for dinner.

In order for me to get rid of my “extra love” it’s not about KILLING MYSELF – it’s just about returning to the SMALL healthy habits that make me happy.

So last night I made a plan for the next seven days to help me jump start my weight loss + get back to feeling like myself asap. I wrote it down, on paper, with a pen. I only chose things I enjoy & LOVE doing! My goal is to feel like myself in seven days. That is a VERY short amount of time. My goal is not to lose five pounds in one week!! But I bet I’ll lose three. My goal is to FEEL LIKE ME. And that means more sweating, less eating, and more time doing the weird shit I love that gives me a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and serenity.

But, the BEST PART was what I wrote at the top of the paper. I actually didn’t even think about it, the words just appeared. I wrote “Never doubt for one second you can’t do this Parker. You have to fully believe + trust this will fucking happen.”

And it’s true. I SO know this will happen. It’s actually SO easy. Because we’re just talking common sense + basic math.

Doing things I love = Happiness
Eat clean + eat less = Weight loss
More movement + more exercise = Weight loss
Lots of movement in short time period = Faster weight loss
Doing all the things I love in short time period = Faster happiness

I don’t make losing a few pounds emotional. I make it logical.

It was fun to eat those yummy bites & not work so hard. I put on weight. Now I am going to take it off. I’ll make a plan. I’ll only fill my plan with things I love. I’ll follow my plan + NEVER doubt I’ll accomplish my goals in the time period I have set out to achieve them in. Math is fun. Feeling like myself is more fun. Now I will do my plan.

My dear friend, if you feel like you’ve put on weight, I highly encourage you to BELIEVE + TRUST in common sense, math, and yourself to get it off. Make a plan, then STOP THINKING about it and just do the plan. With zero doubt and no drama.

If you need help getting in those sweat hours & you live in L.A. join our 7-week Body Inspired Fitness sessions.

Rock your day,

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