I Did It! I Lost 5 lbs in 1 Week.

As I shared last week, I’m on a mission to not just drop the five pounds I put on while on vacation but start feeling like ME as soon as possible.

Feeling like myself is about doing lots of SMALL healthy things every day that I love.

Dropping the weight asap is about doing lots of these small things in a short amount of time.

I promised this week I would share my exact plan and update you with my progress.

I want to start by touching on a few key things that I really want you to understand before we move into the specifics of what I did.

First, I have the luxury of time that most people don’t have. I don’t have kids, I work for myself, & I don’t have a commute. I did however work very hard to craft my life to be that way, and will therefore share my exact personal plan without filtering it or feeling embarrassed about it.

Next, I need a LOT of time alone & a LOT of time away from a screen.

Being alone is how I calm my anxiety, process my thoughts and feelings, and put all the things swirling in my head into a safe place. Creating alone time & making it my number one priority is how I have achieved success in my career, peace in my life, and the body of my dreams. You’ll see I spend a lot of time doing things in my day just for me. This time is NOT about staying in great shape & getting a hot body.

These blocks of time are the single most important thing I can do every single day to ensure I am living MY most vibrant & healthy life.

One last thing to mention – I’m not going to go into detail here as to why I choose to eat the things I do. I will however be providing those details in my podcast series that will launch later this year. My podcast project is called Eat.Drink.Sweat. This is the space where I will go into detail about the how + why I do what I do – work, food, wine, travel, exercise, lifestyle, etc – and why it’s producing incredible results.

I hope you check out Eat.Drink.Sweat. right NOW and sign up to be alerted when it launches!

O.K. Here we go.

The first part of my plan was to specifically identify WHAT I wanted and WHEN I wanted it by. In this particular case I was interested in dropping the five pounds I had put on while on a six week sabbatical, in seven days.

Now, please take off your judgement pants, set them down, and hear me out.

I know you’re thinking “OMG five pounds in seven days – she’s insane. That’s SO unhealthy. That’s not possible without starving yourself and working out all day. That bitch is crazy!”

Well actually I’m not crazy. I’m a genius.

First, the five pounds I gained was not all fat. Most of it was temporary bloat from eating way more salt and sugar than I normally eat in a very short amount of time. I’d guess two pounds were bloat and three pounds were fat. So in my eyes I only have THREE pounds to lose, not five. Because the bloat weight would come off at the SAME TIME as the fat weight.

BTW, this is why the first five pounds of weight loss happens so fast & then you slow down – it’s bloat weight loss AND fat weight loss first. Then just fat weight loss.

So… I now had “three” pounds to lose in seven days. Easy. So easy!

All I had to do was eat the cleanest things I LOVE and move my body a much as possible. That’s it.

But I still needed to write down a specific plan. And as I explained last week the single MOST IMPORTANT part of my plan was to not doubt myself. I had to 100% believe I was going to drop five pounds on the scale in seven days. So at the top of my plan I wrote “Never doubt for one second you can’t do this Parker. You have to fully believe + trust this will happen.”

Now, here’s where MY plan and YOUR plan are very, very different. Remember I started by explaining I have a lot more free time than you? Well that’s because I/you/anybody needs more time to drop five pounds in just seven days – without physically killing yourself. It’s because I HAVE the time that I KNEW it was 100% possible for me to pull off a weight drop this fast. I also knew I needed the extra time each day because I personally am not in a space where I enjoy super crazy intense exercise that feels like a punch in the face.

These days I’d rather walk for 90 minutes than do a 45 min spin class. I’d rather mix a 30 min strength training session with 30 mins of yoga than power out an hour of hard core strength work. I’m just not in that place. Right now. But like all things that will shift and when it does I’ll be totes ready for something different.

If you don’t have the luxury of time like I do, than you can also achieve the same results by doing more intense workouts in less time. It’s that simple.

DISCLAIMER: You should know I’m a mission to convert you to live a simpler life that gives you the luxury of time to slow down and move your body in a way that feels connected, aware, & peaceful. More on that in another newsletter :)

My seven day five pound weight loss plan:
Walk two hours daily
Stretch 45 mins daily
Strength 30 mins daily
Yogurt + nuts breakfast
Veggies + protein lunch
Veggies + frozen grapes dinner
Water like crazy + be a tiny bit hungry

Here’s how I did it.
Woke. Had water + coffee. Walked for 90 mins then 15 min stretch. Breakfast. Wrote for an hour. Started pounding more water. Worked for two hours. Did 30 min strength workout fused with 15 mins of stretching. More water. Work. Lunch. More water. Water. Work. Dinner. Walked for 30 mins then 15 min stretching. Bath. Bed.

Yup. That’s it. Pretty simple. Very time consuming. Low impact. Joy filled. Crazy peaceful. Lots of alone time. Lots of time doing things I LOVE and eating foods I enjoy. Lots of time to feel like me again!

I did it. I lost five pounds in seven days.

I wasn’t hungry. I was lightly sore. But more importantly I feel like myself! NOT because the number on the scale went down (boring) – but because doing these things each day helped me to return to feeling like myself.

Here’s the deal. When we gain weight is never just about how we look. It’s about how the weight makes us feel. You can’t feel like “you” when the outside does not match the inside. You literally feel like another person! Having extra weight is a sign we are not fully present and we’ve become disconnected from the best version of ourselves. THAT is why losing weight feels so freaking hard.

I highly encourage you to change your mental script when it comes to losing weight. Create a plan that specifically identifies WHAT you want and WHEN you wanted it by. Then fill your plan with things you LOVE doing that make you feel like the best version of you. Write that shit down. Work the math. Trust the math. Trust yourself. And move on with your life.

It. Will. Happen.

XOXO – Angela

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