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Your Vibe Attracts Your {Workout} Tribe

When I started BIF 12 years ago, I did it for me. Santa Monica Boot Camp Workout Lose Weight SoulCycle

I desperately wanted to be apart of a community. I wanted to belong. I was craving something bigger than me.

I wanted to find “my people.”

I wanted a tribe.

You see – I wanted to be with people who had an incredible desire to put their health first, but were struggling to make it work.

Because I had a secret.

I somehow figured out that the ONLY thing we all needed to actually make our health the number one priority was to have each other holding us up, making us accountable, and inspiring one another to greatness.

But how was I going to FIND my people?

No clue.

I mean, yes, I will admit it I posted tear-off-my-phone-number flyers at the Coffee Bean. I made signs and snuck them right next to the open-house signs on Tuesdays & Sundays. And yes, that was me who put a flyer on your windshield. I’m sorry! I was desperate.

I NEEDED to find my people!

Cut to now. 12 years later. I’m grateful and humbled to report that I get to see my tribe almost daily. I’m apart of this magical mini-world where my people know me, accept me, cheer me on, and believe in me. I truly think they would miss me if I was gone.

And you know what… I’ve never been more healthy, connected, aware, and brave. I’ve never run faster or done more push ups. I’ve never cared less about what I look like.

Lately I’ve been thinking… HOW did I find my peeps? How did this perfect community come to be a reality? When I saw this quote above it hit me!

How did I find my tribe? I WANTED IT.

I wanted it more than anything,  AND I was specific about what I wanted it to look like, feel like, and how I wanted it to love me.

Finding my tribe – NOT EASY. But simple.

So I ask you…

What kind of tribe do YOU want to be apart of? What does your magical mini-world look like? What does your dream community do to inspire you EVERY SINGLE DAY? How can YOU make your vibe attract your tribe?

To MY tribe,
Thank you for being real, cheering me on, supporting me, and inspiring me every single day.

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