Abs Attack Workout – 8 Min Real-Time Core Exercises

Jared’s NEW real time workout series has officially launched! This is Workout Wednesday and you do NOT want to miss out on these educational, inspirational, results based, FREE workouts!

Want ripped abs? Yea, we do too! Jared’s 8-Minute Abs Attack Workout is key! This workout only is for anyone as Jared provides modifications and also up levels so no matter what fitness level you’re at now, you can complete this workout in just 8 minutes and with consistency, you’ll see and feel the results you’ve always wanted.

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Each move is to be done for 50 seconds with a 10 second transition break. Perform this workout with Jared every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Build healthy habits by doing this ab routine at the same time of the day, each day you do it. Focus on having good form and have fun!

Trainer’s Tips
Focus on improving your form over time and take breaks when you need them.

Oxygen is fuel. BREATHE!

1) Elbow to Knees Crunch

2) Oblique V Up Left Side
3) Oblique V Up Right Side
4) Leg Lifts
5) High Plank Alternating Knee Tucks
6) Hip Rock
7) Bicycles
8) Mason Twist


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