Ultimate Butt Sculpting Real-Time Workout

The FAV 5 Workout is the ultimate booty sculpting and lifting workout! These hand picked exercises will get your butt tighter, rounder, and firmer than you’ve ever felt! Just do this super-effective 10 minute workout (5 minutes on each side) 3 times a week and your glutes will be golden!

*REMEMBER* When you do these moves actually try to feel burn during each exercise/focus on the area you are working on. When it burns, it changes!

Perform each exercise for 50 seconds ON, with a 10 second transition OFF. You’ll feel and see the BEST booty of your life in no time!

1) Step Back Lunge
2) Donkey Kick
3) Curtsy Lunge
4) Fire Hydrant
5) Rainbow


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