Chiseled Chest & Strong Upper Body – Push-Up Variation Workout

It’s simple…push-ups work! When you do push-ups, you’re working your core, chest, and arms AND you can do push-ups anywhere!

The best part – you can adjust the intensity of your push-ups, adjust your arm and leg positions, and adjust the elevation to add lots of variations that target different areas.

1) Slow down four count push-up: start in standard push-up, then count down to four while lowering down, and push back up at a fast pace
2) Fly push-up: start in standard push-up position to start, then one hand will “step out” wide, return, and then repeat with the other hand
3) 3-in-1 push-up: start in standard push-up position, then go half-way down, come all the way up, then go all the way down, half way up, then back down, then all the way up – that’s one repetition!
4) Push-ups ’til failure: enough said!

Do this workout and make sure to write down the exercise, the date, and how many repetitions you were able to do of each exercise. Next week do the same workout and try to do one extra repetition of each exercise. Do this weekly and increase by one repetition of each exercise, each week!

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