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Our GOAL is to get you to Your Goal whether it’s to lose weight, firm, tone, gain muscle, recover from injury, develop healthier habits or just add energy and excitement to your life.


Angela Parker created Body Inspired Fitness as an alternative to the huge intimidating gyms that are saturating the industry. Body Inspired stands alone in the fitness market because of the company’s ability to work with clients of all ages – 5 to 105. Angela’s goal is to offer help to anyone who wants to change his or her life.

Since 2003, Angela and the Body Inspired team have been serving the greater Los Angeles area by working hard to make fitness an attainable goal for those who want it. It’s never too late to get started improving the quality of your life, regardless of your current situation. No matter what shape you are in, Body Inspired Fitness is definitely for you! “I want everyone to know that the Body Inspired team can and will work with anyone, of any age, size, fitness level, comfort level, or any level of ability, to get your health on the right track and, more importantly, keep it there.”