The INSPIRED Team is honored to bring you our very own Corrective Clinic Program! Taught by Corrective and Energy Healing Specialist, Sara Adler this program is designed to get you living pain-free. Through strategies such as Trigger Point Therapy, Functional Range Conditioning, and Power Band Training, together, we will learn how to dramatically improve our bodies!

Improving our mobility and correcting compensations helps improve our performance in bootcamp; and you know what that means…more bad ass workouts and awesome results!
We build strength, increase our self-awareness, and improve mobility throughout our entire body. This. Is. Corrective. Clinic.


What can you expect in this 7-week session?

  • Knowledge and basic understanding of functional anatomy
  • Mastery of the entire Trigger Point series
  • Connecting to and understanding our joints, their range-of-motion, and how to keep them healthy
  • Open, lengthen, and strengthen your joints and surrounding muscles
  • Increased overall mobility and flexibility



WHEN – Aug 23 – Oct 4, Thursday mornings
TIME – 6:30-7:30am or 8:00-9:00am
WHERE – Palisades Park, Santa Monica at Ocean Ave and Palisades Ave, our usual spot
GEAR NEEDED – Yoga mat or towel, foam roller, TriggerPoint ball, Perform Better bands, water
COST – $210. That’s just $30 per class.




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Corrective Clinic 6-7am

Corrective Clinic 8am