Morning Mobility 1

Body Inspired Fitness: Santa Monica gives you a brand new series called Morning Mobility. This single dynamic stretch is one of Jared’s favorite after a long day of sitting at the office or getting of a plane. This stretch is meant to warm up, create pre workout flow, and increase mobility in your shoulders, arms, back, hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

Flow with the two demonstrated versions every morning for 10 reps per side.

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Strength into Plyo Superset Workout

Has your body adapted to your exercise routine and you’re not seeing the results your looking for? It’s time to change it up!

This strength into plyo superset workout will give you the variety that will keep your body working hard and keep it challenged.

This workout consists of just 2 chest exercises, 2 leg exercises, and 2 core exercises. The first move will be a strength building exercise, and the second move, focusing on the same body part, will be a plyo/explosive exercise.

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Burn Fat Fast Workout – Best Plyometrics Exercise Routine

Plyo, plyo, plyo! We love these explosive moves that can increase your vertical jump, speed, stamina, and strength. Best part is that these moves are fun and make you feel like a superhero.

Jared Rodriguez of Body Inspired Fitness demonstrates some of his favorite plyo moves. Do all 14 moves in one workout, or choose five exercise, do each for 50 seconds on, with a 10 second transition into the next move. Do that series 3 times a week and then each week choose a new five moves to do. The point is to feel free to switch it up and have fun with this. These exercises are like jumping for joy!

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Dynamic Stretches – Best Full Body Pre-Workout Warm Up Routine

Dynamic stretching is an amazing way to warm up your body before a workout. Unlike static stretching, dynamic stretching takes the body through stretches with movement. These stretches are specially designed to be pre-workout stretches and will get your body ready and your blood circulating.

These are Jared’s favorite five dynamic stretches that he does to prepare his body for the workout ahead. When you do these stretches you’ll engage your core, stretch your hamstrings and calves, loosen your hips, and shoulders.

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Chiseled Chest & Strong Upper Body – Push-Up Variation Workout

It’s simple…push-ups work! When you do push-ups, you’re working your core, chest, and arms AND you can do push-ups anywhere!

The best part – you can adjust the intensity of your push-ups, adjust your arm and leg positions, and adjust the elevation to add lots of variations that target different areas.

EXERCISES 1) Slow down four count push-up: start in standard push-up, then count down to four while lowering down, and push back up at a fast pace 2) Fly push-up: start in standard push-up position to start, then one hand will “step out” wide, return, and then repeat with the other hand 3) 3-in-1 push-up: start in standard push-up position, then go half-way down, come all the way up, then go all the way down, half way up, then back down, then all the way up – that’s one repetition! 4) Push-ups ’til failure: enough said!

Do this workout and make sure to write down the exercise, the date, and how many repetitions you were able to do of each exercise. Next week do the same workout and try …

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Plank Variations for a Killer Core

Planking is hugely beneficial for strengthening your core, correcting deconditioned posture, and improving your mind/body connection. These five moves are NOT your typical plank and hold so be sure to take in the details and then get sweaty with Jared!

Work your left side for all 5 moves, take a small break, then work your right side. This routine can be done 3 days a week at the start or the end of your workout. Jared’s recommendation… doing this at the end of your workout.

1) Cliffhanger Walkout High Plank 2) Thread the Needle 3) High Plank Three Point Touch 4) Low Side Plank Hip Tips 5) High Plank – Low plank

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Burner Abs Builder Workout – Progressive Exercises to Increase Abdominal Strength

We all know the two moves in this Burner Abs Builder workout – high plank & leg lifts. In this 10 minute workout you will switch between the two exercises, completing each move for 50 seconds with a 10 second transition. Each version will be different and get tougher. The progression of our base moves – high plank and leg lift – target the abs from slightly different angles, and by increasing intensity levels, we keep the abs working harder than we’re accustomed to and get the results we are looking for.

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Full Body Workout To Bust Through ANY Fitness Plateau

Plateaus happen when your workout routine gets stale, you get bored, and your movements get predictable. Jared Rodriguez, Fitness Director of Body Inspired Fitness, shows you how to smash through ANY fitness plateau and recharge your energy and results! Do this 5-exercise series once, then take a 3 minute break, then hit play again. Do 3 total rounds, 3 days a week and you’ll see your whole body transform.

EXERCISES: 1) Pike Push-up 2) 3-Step Lateral Hop 3) T Push-up (High Side Plank) 4) 4 Count Run Tap Downs 5) Superman Burpee

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Ultimate Butt Sculpting Real-Time Workout

The FAV 5 Workout is the ultimate booty sculpting and lifting workout! These hand picked exercises will get your butt tighter, rounder, and firmer than you’ve ever felt! Just do this super-effective 10 minute workout (5 minutes on each side) 3 times a week and your glutes will be golden!

*REMEMBER* When you do these moves actually try to feel burn during each exercise/focus on the area you are working on. When it burns, it changes!

Perform each exercise for 50 seconds ON, with a 10 second transition OFF. You’ll feel and see the BEST booty of your life in no time!

Exercises: 1) Step Back Lunge 2) Donkey Kick 3) Curtsy Lunge 4) Fire Hydrant 5) Rainbow


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