The one thing I do to lose weight

I put on 5 pounds while I was on vacation.


Less movement and more food. Duh.

However, unlike being home I was lucky enough to be enjoying foods, flavors and dishes I’d never had before. Like eating cappellacci pasta stuffed with sweet pumpkin in Ferrara Italy, piadine with fig jam and soft cheese in Emilia Romania, deer meat risotto in Switzerland, and ricotta & honey pastries in the outdoor market in Freiburg Germany.

I may be a smart lady but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to unearth the wonder of my five pound increase.

How do I feel about these five extra pounds?

I’m glad you asked.

I HATE not feeling like myself. *THAT* is what’s annoying. I don’t give a shit about the weight. I just don’t feel like me. You know?

It’s the healthy small things in my day that make me feel connected to myself, & happy with me. Like walking every night after dinner & listing to a podcast, eating my favorite breakfast of vanilla Siggi’s yogurt + frozen macadamia nuts on the floor …

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week 4

New Dad Bod Challenge Workout 4 – Next Level Sweat Workout

When we think of “Dad Bod” we think of a great dad, who does so much for others, and sacrifices his own health and well-being. We’re challenging you to change that connection and change this culture – the man with a NEW Dad Bod who is influenced by being healthy + by doing something great for your family & others.

By embracing this new attitude and inspirational state of mind dads and dudes, have more energy, better sex, and have a higher quality of life (as you’ve seen in our last 3 weeks of the BIFNewDadBod challenge). 

So do this week 4 workout to get that NEW Dad Bod underway. This is our gift to you & your family this Father’s Day!


In this Next Level Sweat Workout you will do 3 rounds of four exercises. – You will do each move for 30 seconds in round 1 – You will do each move for 40 seconds in round 2 – You will do each move for 50 seconds in round 3


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week 3

New Dad Bod Challenge Workout 3 – Get Strong Workout

There is ONE thing, no matter how busy, focused, old, poor or rich, that dads and men instinctively (sometimes to a fault) have in their DNA.

That’s the influence of the opposite sex.

According to a 2016 survey almost 50% of women said they prefer a sculpted + cut body over a little soft, or even a super muscular body.

The GREAT news for guys is that you don’t have to bulk up to in hopes of attracting the opposite sex.

In their new book Mate: Become the Man Women Want, Tucker Max and Geoffrey Miller devote a chapter to getting in shape & address the question of what body type women prefer:

“Women are sexually attracted to guys who are healthy, capable and likely to live a long time. For most of them, that means a guy who is in good enough shape is good enough.”

What women prefer is a man with energy, stamina + has endurance, who is mindful, active + lean.

In order to get that you just need to put a healthy …

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week 2

New Dad Bod Challenge Workout 2 – The Blast Fat Workout

Dads & dudes – you like facts, getting straight to the point, problem solving + tasks. You like to get things done + if you want something, you make it happen – there are no excuses.

You prioritize things that are importance you. Well why do you make excuses about your health + body? At what point do your own health + body become a priority?

You’re accomplished, successful, intelligent + you care for your family…so facing the reality of your own poor health or having the “old dad bod” can be embarrassing + difficult to swallow.

You have to be vulnerable + willing to push your pride aside for the bigger picture, to be the best version of you.

Plus, knowing these fitness facts will help you reevaluate your priorities. Fitness…

helps you sleep better. When’s the last time you got 8 hours of sleep? increases your sex drive. Men who work out have a lower incidence of impotency and erectile dysfunction while experiencing more powerful orgasms and have sex more often. This is a big one! boosts your …

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week 1

New Dad Bod Challenge Workout 1

We’re sharing Rich & Rehan’s story for a reason!

Rich couldn’t climb a flight of steps without being out of breath. As a 40 year old father he decided that he was fed up with his unhealthy lifestyle, became a triathlon enthusiastic & vegan. It was not only the fact that Rich was winded & buckled over on the stairs, but also the fact that heart disease ran in his family. His mother’s father passed away at a VERY young age, despite that fact that he was one of the best college swimmers in his day & extremely athletic. And so, on Rich’s 40th birthday, he had an epiphany – it was certain that if he didn’t change his lifestyle he would suffer from his grandfather’s fate.


Now meet Rehan, a 35 year old man, who had zero family history of heart disease or heart attacks & exercised daily. He was perfectly healthy, or so it seemed. He thought he had a muscle strain that was causing serious neck pain – he even consulted with many doctors & …

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get ready

BIF New Dad Bod Challenge Kick Off

Hey Dads & Dudes – It’s time for you to get a #BIFNEWDadBod! ‘Cause that old “Dad Bod” just isn’t working for you + your health.

We’re giving the “Dad Bod” a whole new meaning. Once defined as “a physique characterized by undefined muscles beneath a light layer of flab, usually topped off with a beer bell” (The Cut) and “being average” (Complex), BIF defines the Dad Bod as being healthy by visiting your doctor yearly, eating healthy 80% of the time, and working out three times a week.

The scary fact is that now, more than ever, men in the 40s and 50s are suffering from heart disease and heart attacks. You’re probably thinking that it wouldn’t happen to you, but we promise you, it can!

So guys, let’s change that fact, get fit + feel great…get ready for our 4-Week #BIFNewDadBod Challenge! Challenge Details

To win a FREE 7-week BIF session (the next session starts in Santa Monica on Mon, June 20) you must complete the following:

Schedule + complete your annual physical …

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quad 2

Quad stretches to relieve knee pain instantly

Did you know that your quads may actually be responsible for the pain in your knees? 

Your quadriceps are made up of four muscles that run down the front of the thigh. They are responsible for the bending and lengthening of your leg. Your quads are particularly important for activities such as kicking and running.

When the quadriceps get too tight, they can pull the kneecap out of position slightly, causing friction at the knee. This friction can cause inflammation, swelling & pain.

We’ll use our Sunday Stretch Series to create length in your quads + reduce your knee pain!

We’re sharing three quad stretches that lengthen your quadriceps from several directions. Try them now! Remember stretching should never hurt or be painful. Try the stretch + if it doesn’t feel right, stop & try a new one. Not all stretches are for all bodies.

If you know anyone who suffers from knee pain we would be so grateful if you would share this with them. 

P.S. We are taking stretch requests! Want to learn how …

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yoga half moon 1

Stretching Secret – Focus on Flexibility + Breath

We all have our go-to stretches.

For me it’s anything that takes me upside down and opens my hip flexors. 

My stretches below may look super advanced, but I want you to simply see them as inspiration for you to find your own fancy pants Sunday stretch.

To me, my stretch time is my time to slow the hell down + not push. It’s also my time to feel like a bad ass! 

Here’s my stretching secret…

I listen to my breath.

You can’t get hurt if you are listening to your own breath + totally focused on your body.

When will you stretch today for 15 minutes? Let me know!



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arm stretches  2016-04-14 at 12.41.12 PM

Upper Body Stretches for Flexibility + Create Balance in Your Life

Being healthy, fit + strong is NOT about pushing or torturing yourself. To us, the true definition of health is BALANCE.

We believe sleep is more important than sweat. We believe sometimes a walk is better than a long run. We believe that when you stop comparing yourself to who you were ten years ago and get present, in THIS moment, you have the power to change your life.

We want to encourage you to take the week ahead to use your fitness program to cultivate balance in your life. Use your workouts as a chance to listen to your breath. Use your stretch time as a chance to slow down.






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Jared Body Inspired Fitness Santa Monica

BIG BIF Announcement

Dear BIF Family,

When I started Body Inspired Fitness almost 13 years ago I had a weight set I bought at Target, a cheap yoga mat from T.J.Maxx, some tear-away flyers, and a dream.

I wanted to inspire people to be healthy and love their bodies. I believed I could do a great job & maybe even pay my bills.

But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Body Inspired Fitness would be what it is today.

In October, BIF will be 13 years old! What started as me driving all over L.A. in my green Corolla is now the largest outdoor fitness program in Los Angeles. We currently offer six different 7-week fitness programs + have over 75 students in each session.

But what I am the most humbled by is my team.

I love watching how Holly has grown her ladies-only program from a few gals in Clover Park in 2007 to a babes-only fitness movement that got so popular we had to move her to Pali Park.

I’m inspired by the feverish pace Holly picks up …

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