All Over & In Between

I have been tired at boot camp this past week. Why? Well I have been up way past my bedtime, all for good reason though.  In the last week I have been to TWO concerts….that were BOTH amazing.  There is something so magical about great live performances – whether it is music, dance, sports, theater, magic, and/or the Pageant of the Masters (if you haven’t been, I highly suggest you go). I am 150% capitaved. I can’t pay attention to ANYTHING else besides the music when I am a concert. I can’t pay attention to ANYTHING else but the game/match when I am at a sporting event. I am hooked…and not just for that moment but for a lifetime, since I have the memories of the experience for a lifetime. The playlist I have am sharing for you is a mix of the artists I have seen in the last week (minus Taylor Swift since she has some bad blood with Spotify). Once I put this mix on at boot camp, I am no longer tired. I …

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The Ultimate Coachella Workout Playlist

We all know that Coachella is your time to rock your cropped tops, cut off shorts, daisy headbands, flower power, muscle tee’s..the whole desert chic festival style. Did people forget that Coachella is a MUSIC festival? It’s like MTV…where did the MUSIC go?

Since it seems that most are spending concentrated time on the weekend wardrobe, the BIF team is bringing the MUSIC of Coachella to your workouts to make sure you feel your absolute best in that attire! It may be the Coachella the line up is less and less important to many, but for us, the music is the ultimate motivation and pump up so we’ve pulled together some of our favs from the Coachella stage!

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Rock On Workout Music Playlist

“It’s spring and it’s time to add an extra bounce and shimmy to your workout. How do you make that happen? Well…I’ve got the answer. Add THIS playlist to your repertoire. Each song is guaranteed to make you work harder, make your heart race faster…pushing you to hit higher reps or keep going longer than you planned (a really great feeling)! So rock on and get pumped!” – Holly


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Jared’s Bad Ass, NOW Workout Playlist

“My NEW playlist, ‘Bad Ass, NOW’ is a collaboration of BAD ASS 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop. And NOW, being your playlist, will bring back good old memories, keep your energy up, and your mind in tune with conquering whatever exercise comes your way! Live & Train, BAD ASS!” – Jared

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Greats of 2013, Happy Listening for 2014 – Boot Camper Style

We all know that BIF is so lucky to have the most amazing boot campers…this is further proof!

For the holidays, Lori, a 6 am boot camper, gave us her very special holiday playlist. Check out how cool she is! A printed card, alongside a printed list of the mix read…

“The Holidays are here! So this is my 5th annual holiday music mix! This labor of love started at the end of 2009 when I thought, ‘I’ve seen some great shows this year, wish I could share them with all of my friends!’ Well, this CD is the best I can do. To land on this precious mix, the songs have to meet some (very personal) criteria:  I have to have seen the band perform live int he last year, I have to have liked them, and, the band released a new album in 2013. From there, I go to work picking my favorites. I try to choose deeper cuts- exposing something new. I hope you like it, hope you discover something new, and hope it helps …

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