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Your Vibe Attracts Your {Workout} Tribe

When I started BIF 12 years ago, I did it for me. Santa Monica Boot Camp Workout Lose Weight SoulCycle

I desperately wanted to be apart of a community. I wanted to belong. I was craving something bigger than me.

I wanted to find “my people.”

I wanted a tribe.

You see – I wanted to be with people who had an incredible desire to put their health first, but were struggling to make it work.

Because I had a secret.

I somehow figured out that the ONLY thing we all needed to actually make our health the number one priority was to have each other holding us up, making us accountable, and inspiring one another to greatness.

But how was I going to FIND my people?

No clue.

I mean, yes, I will admit it I posted tear-off-my-phone-number flyers at the Coffee Bean. I made signs and snuck them right next to the open-house signs on Tuesdays & Sundays. And yes, that was me who put a flyer on your windshield. I’m sorry! I was desperate.

I NEEDED to find …

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The Transition from Rest to Activity – How to Stay Connected & Present

As you shift into your day, I encourage you to do it slowly. Wake slowly. Move slowly. Creep into the day.

Why Parker?

Great question. I’m glad you asked.

I approach my day slowly because it’s the only way I can stay aware of my mind, body, choices, actions, and my sassy mouth. The moment I crank it up, I lose the ability to stay connected to ME, do what’s best for ME, and honor MY body.

The day will, no doubt, become crazy. That’s just how it works. Which is why I am obsessed with staying hyper focused and super aware of ME before the day literally slips away from my control.

Mornings are this precious time to transition from rest to activity. It’s in that calm state we have an unique opportunity to set our intentions for the day ahead. I don’t know about you, but I’m really  nice to myself when I first wake up. The slower I move into my day the longer that self love stays intact.

You see… I notice that if I get …

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Six02 best workout clothes for women fitness activewear 1

SIX:02 Saves Me!

OMG. I am traveling Europe and Asia for almost two months and am living out of ONE small carry on suitcase!

In order for me to pull this off it’s all about cross over apparel. I need leggings I can wear to dinner and be able to wear on an airplane. I need warm layers I can wear to museums when they are freshly cleaned then convert them into running layers once they get a tad funky. I need shoes I can walk in, and walk in, and wallllllk in and still look cute.

I am honored, humbled, and grateful that SIX:02 has sponsored nearly my entire wardrobe for my trip! Below is what I am taking!

Nike running tights

Nike base layer, grey, long sleeve

Nike black zip up collared base layer

Nike black and white leggings

Spanx black leggings

Body Inspired Fitness sweatshirt

Nike long sleeve cap style hoodie

Nike black sneaks

Oasics running shoes

No joke, Six 02 has THE best team. They spent a whole afternoon with me styling me from head to toe and …

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Best athletic shoes for your specific workouts

I really do not believe in spending a ton of money on exercise gear. It’s great to have clothes you feel good in and help you move comfortably. It’s a bonus to have cool tech fabrics that bring out your inner Lindsay Vonn. You feel hella dope when you rock a cute new headband. But let’s face it… you MUST have great shoes. If you are going to make one investment – SHOES!

On my recent trip to SIX:02 I got schooled by my new sneaker guru Karen. I always knew a solid pair of kicks was crucial but I have no idea how much education I didn’t have when it came to athletic footwear. Watch this video and be wowed. Seriously. 

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The best sports bra for your body & workout

Let’s do some boob math.

1 hour bouncy workouts X 3 workouts a week X 52 weeks = 156 hours of boob bounce in a year.

156 hours of yearly tata Tetris X 25 years of an exercise career = 3900 hours that your poor breasts are being pulled down.

So this is where we can all agree it’s really effing important to buy good sports bras right? With that out of the my way, I drop some other sports bra wisdom at SIX:02. Check it out!

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Brave Chick 3

What I love – Brave Chick Clothing & Jewelry

So there are these two BRAVE CHICKS named Lejoi Reese–Kinsey and Janet Williams and they co-founded this amazing clothing and jewelry company called…BRAVE CHICK!

Here’s why I love them:

Their tag line is “To create quality products that empower women.”

They feature REAL girls on their site with REAL bodies (Thank you Lord!).

They give back to community organizations that aid women and girls in need. 

It was created and is still run by two bad ass women – One is a freakin’ doctor and the other is a textile expert who is specializes in global manufacturing, merchandising, and marketing.

Their clothes actually fit my 5’11” curvy frame!

Their designs are fresh, colorful, and have meaning… get closer…

Oh and their handmade jewelry is SICK!

But to be honest it was this piece of writing from their website that made me fall in love with their brand –  The Brave Chick creators recognize that it requires courage for a woman to transcend stereotypes and pigeonholing. Inspired by challenges of women of color, Brave Chick was born to …

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What’s Stylish and Sexy To Me Now


Only seeing the person you love in a room full of people.


Girls that can run fast and cheer each other on to finish an intense 90 min workout.


Waking up at 5am to workout and accidentally wearing two different sneakers.


Really hot girls eating an actual breakfast that includes toast & butter.


Taking a pic of the sunset view from my bedroom window through the dirty screen.


Beautiful women not covering up their scars.


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Skin Care Tips - Gel Face Masks

Skin Gym – Gel Masks, Stay Cool…Stay Gorgeous!

Yes! It’s awesome to have a strong, fit, and healthy body– add a radiant face and beautiful complexion (and of course, an intelligent mind) and you are SET!  We’re sharing more essential skin advice and tips from Vanessa of KnowThySkin.

Gel Mask, Stay Cool…Stay Gorgeous! 

It’s crazy to run a marathon or wrap up a thirty-minute strength training session without stretching. Strectching increases blood flow and delivery of nutrients to muscles, to reduce soreness and promote happy healing – by reducing inflammation. So why let your face suffer the ill effects of inflammation that come with daily living?

Inflammation and aging go hand-in-hand – and not just when it comes to your muscles. Inflammation is at the root of many disease and aging processes – including skin concerns like wrinkles, age spots, and acne.

So how can you beat the inflammation battle and stay looking young?

First off, identify everyday factors that cause inflammation. Some just affect your skin and some your entire system – but your skin suffers either way. Here’s the short list:

Sun Exposure (even …

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  • Angela & Dad

Best Fitness Gifts Dad Can’t Resist

It’s the MEN’s time of year! With Father’s Day approaching we thought it only appropriate to give some fun gift ideas for the fit man in your life. Whether the man in your life is a dad or not, these gifts are great for men at any fitness level, no matter your budget.


Jawbone Up When we love something, you’ll be sure to know about it. I (Angela) tweet about my obsession with my Jawbone Up quite often. This swanky device tracks your total health. How much you move & sweat. Your food & nutrition, as well as how you felt at each meal. Jawbone Up also calibrates your sleep to tell you how good of a nights rest you are actually getting! You can track your friends health as well. Create teams with your Dad, or your friends, and see who sleeps & eats better and who exercises the most. One of my favorite features of the device – you can set your bracelet to remind you to be active if you are sedentary for too long. Using …

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Tea for puffy eyes

Skin Gym – Puffy Eyes Go Away

I’ve been so crazy in the past few weeks preparing for the Santa Monica City Council meeting! I’ve been staying up way too late and squinting at the computer screen for hours on end. My beauty has paid the price – AKA I look like an old bat! So for our May edition of Skin Gym I asked Vanessa for her best FREE beauty tip to help me look fresher and more awake! She nailed it! Keep reading for some great, easy, and FREE tips to help you look younger and brighter with TEA! So easy, so fast, so effective, and so free.

“While There’s Tea, There’s Hope”…For Puffy Eyes Anyway

As an esthetician treating clients in the fast-paced and beauty-minded world of Beverly Hills, I often choose the cutting edge solution over the classics. I want to get extra miles out of every minute in the treatment room, because my clients endure pressure to look absolutely great, on tight schedules. Vitamins get supercharged with growth factors and microdermabrasion is now just one small part of multi-layered treatment plans.

But …

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