Burn Fat Fast Workout – Best Plyometrics Exercise Routine

Plyo, plyo, plyo! We love these explosive moves that can increase your vertical jump, speed, stamina, and strength. Best part is that these moves are fun and make you feel like a superhero.

Jared Rodriguez of Body Inspired Fitness demonstrates some of his favorite plyo moves. Do all 14 moves in one workout, or choose five exercise, do each for 50 seconds on, with a 10 second transition into the next move. Do that series 3 times a week and then each week choose a new five moves to do. The point is to feel free to switch it up and have fun with this. These exercises are like jumping for joy!

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Santa Monica Beach Workout

Best Cardio Spot in Santa Monica – Early Morning Run on Montana Ave

Strolling, power-walking, jogging, running, and even sprint work on Montana Ave in Santa Monica is a great workout and a great way to safely sneak in your early-morning road work. It’s well lit, the sidewalks are well maintained, it’s fun to window shop while rocking your cardio, plus if needed, you can secure a pre-run caffeine buzz or post-sweat smoothie.

THE AREA The famous Santa Monica shopping area of Montana Ave runs from 7th Street up to 17th Street.

From 7th St down to Ocean Ave the area is residential, mostly apartments. 17th to 26th is residential as well, but in addition to apartments and condos it consist mainly of single family homes.

All ten blocks of the shopping district are very well lit from street lamps as well as the in-store lighting. With several bakeries, coffee shops, and smoothie joints it also is a bit of a buzz with humans who also are starting their day before the sun. So you will not be totally alone if you come after, say 5:30am. Between 4:30am-5:30am you may bare witness to …

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High Plank Switch Kick Exercise

It’s your traditional plank with some serious kick!

START Place your wide-palmed hands directly under your shoulders. Arms strong. Core tight. Lift left leg up & out to the side as far as you can while staying in perfect form.

THEN With all your power swing your left leg back to center of your body line and place your left foot back on the ground as you immediately swing the right leg up. Only allowing one foot at a time to be on the ground.

END Continue switching as fast as you can and get your leg as high as possible. ALWAYS keep your abs rock solid. How many can do before you start crying?

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The Perfect Burpee with Variation Exercise

Burpees are EXTREMELY useful and effective in revving up your cardio and burning calories. Always make sure your core stays engaged and you NEVER bend over when standing up.

I recommend choosing the burpee version that you’re able to complete with proper form but keep in mind that you should also not be cruising through these. They should be challenging. Sweat. Breathe. Lean body time! You’ll be burning fat fast!


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Maximize Your Workout with Interval Training & Your Gymboss Timer

I’m gonna make this REALLY easy to understand. Interval training with a Gymboss timer is the single best way to blast fat, sculpt your body, and LOVE your workouts.

Why you ask? I’ve got THREE great reasons why interval training is the KEY to a leaner, stronger, and sexier body.

1. Your workouts are SHORT! Get in, get sweaty, and get done. Who has all day to workout? 2. You won’t get bored! By constantly changing it up you will actually look forward to your workouts and ENJOY exercising. 3. They deliver RESULTS! When you love something, you do it. When you do it, it works. Results are THE MOST important element of a training program.

Do you get it it now? Interval training is fast, fun, and effective. Why do anything else?

Check out this cool infographic as well as this video on how to use your Gymboss Interval Timer.

More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist.

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Thin Thighs Plyo Workout – Jump, Baby Jump!

I’m obsessed with college basketball and March madness. I love how much fire and fight college players have. They WANT to win soooo badly and it’s clear in every moment of these heart pounding games. March is all about watching tons of great passionate b-ball and, to celebrate, I have created a signature workout to bring out the inner Kobe in all of us.

My “Jump Baby Jump” workout is all about getting to fly. This workout will make you sweat, make your butt higher and tighter, your belly smaller, and your strut sexier :) To me nothing feels more powerful that jumping. I asked one of my favorite people and my dear friend Eliza Martin to help demonstrate these high intensity moves. Eliza can jump like no one I have ever seen. It’s so inspiring!

Move One – Ruby Slippers Jumps Move Two – Super Skaters Move Three – Jump & Switch (3 versions) Move Four – One-Eighty Jumps

THE DEETS – All you need is a gymboss interval timer and a mat. Do each move for …

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Want to lift your boo-tay up? Squat Mania Workout

OMG let’s lift up your ass cheeks! In my latest sweat session I will show you my SQUAT MANIA workout! It consists of my most ASStastic moves to help you lift your boo-tay up up and away!

Move One – Weighted Toes-Out Squat w/ Bicep Curl Move Two – Power Squat w/Weighted Overhead Press Move Three – Jump Squats

THE DEETS – Do each move for 20 reps – Doing all the moves gives you 1 round. You must do the moves in order. Do as many rounds as you can in ONLY 15 mins!

MY TIPS – Go BIG! Go FAST! Go HARD! And get done! Wear your heart rate monitor & make sure you are getting that heart rate UP!

STRETCH – I want a major stretch when you are finished! The workout is so intense for ONLY 15 mins, …

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10 Exercise At Home HIIT Workout

This high intensity workout will have you burning tons of calories in a short amount of time! Using your GymBoss interval timer set the first number for 40 seconds, set the second number for 20 seconds. Then set the timer for 3 rounds. The 40 seconds is your active time, the time that you will be exercising. The 20 seconds is your rest time. The best thing you can do during your rest periods is get as still as possible, as quickly as possible, to maximize this short period of rest time.

Below are ten moves. You will go through the entire series performing each move for 40 seconds, resting for the 20 seconds, then going to the next move. You will go through the entire series 3 times giving you a high intensity workout for 30 minutes. This series is a big hit among my students in my Santa Monica workout programs, so I have a feeling you will enjoy it.

1. Jump Squats Place feet wider than hips, feet parallel, weight & heels evenly …

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