Chiseled Chest & Strong Upper Body – Push-Up Variation Workout

It’s simple…push-ups work! When you do push-ups, you’re working your core, chest, and arms AND you can do push-ups anywhere!

The best part – you can adjust the intensity of your push-ups, adjust your arm and leg positions, and adjust the elevation to add lots of variations that target different areas.

EXERCISES 1) Slow down four count push-up: start in standard push-up, then count down to four while lowering down, and push back up at a fast pace 2) Fly push-up: start in standard push-up position to start, then one hand will “step out” wide, return, and then repeat with the other hand 3) 3-in-1 push-up: start in standard push-up position, then go half-way down, come all the way up, then go all the way down, half way up, then back down, then all the way up – that’s one repetition! 4) Push-ups ’til failure: enough said!

Do this workout and make sure to write down the exercise, the date, and how many repetitions you were able to do of each exercise. Next week do the same workout and try …

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Shoulder 4

Chest + Shoulder Stretches

Whether you sit at a desk all day, lift weights, have bad posture, or walk everywhere you go, chest & shoulder stretches are an essential part of your daily routine as they help increase flexibility and strength.

We want inspire you to do more than just log miles, do burpees & work on your abs.

We want to inspire you to slow down, listen to your breath, & use gentle movement as a way to reconnect with your body.

It’s our truest wish that you give yourself the chance to unlock your body, lengthen your muscles & restore your beautiful machine.




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Shred Your Shoulders Pike Press Push Up

When performing this pike press push up exercise it is important to pay attention to the details. This is a challenging exercise, but you will build a great amount of strength in your arms, shoulders, and torso.

Lift your hips and maintain a high peak position. Lift your heals as high as you can and take your hands shoulder width apart. Lower yourself down so that the crown of your head almost touches the ground, then POWER UP and REPEAT.

Reps – Max reps with a 60 second break. Then repeat 3 times.

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The Trouble Spot Workout – Full Body Exercises to Sculpt & Tone

This workout is dedicated to your trouble spots. We ALL have areas that drive us crazy. Can you say bat wings, butt corners, and muffin tops? Holly Clapham IS the trouble spot expert and is in the houzzzzzz! HC will throw down some new moves that are guaranteed to deliver you results. And possibly a little pain :)

This is a real time workout. So get your supplies and follow along for a great 7 min workout!

Move 1 – Thera-Band French Press Move 2 – Thera-Band Triceps Extension Move 3 – Scissor Cross w/ Legs Up/Down Move 4 – Pelvic Lifts w/ Inner Thigh Squeezes Move 5 – Pelvic Lift Hold w/ Inner Thigh Squeezes

SUPPLIES – All you need is a small ball and a thera-band, and of course I always use my Gymboss Interval Timer.

DEETS – You will do each move for 50 seconds with a 10 second recovery.

MY TIPS – Listen to your body! Don’t be an asshole. Please pay attention to what your body wants. If …

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The No Excuses Workout – Five Minute Total Body Exercises

I swear there a million excuses NOT to workout. Injuries are usually at the top of that list. Seems when people get injured or have limitations they stop working out completely. But I always look at injuries and limitations as opportunities to train other bits of my bod I don’t usually focus on. My latest workout is called “NO Excuses Workout”.  I gotta tell you, there are really no good excuses to call off your sweat session completely. There will be days you need to take it easy, slow down, maybe just go for a walk. But if you are looking to really get worked WHILE staying connected and aware of your limitations then this workout is for you. I asked Rebecca Reinbold from to demonstrate the exercises. In these videos Rebecca is 4 months pregnant. Coming from an extremely active background she still wants a moderately intense workout, but needs to honor her body’s limitations. I show her exactly how to do that in my “NO Excuses Workout.”

This workout is a total body workout! I …

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