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Expressive Exchange: Self Expression Through Color & Art

A few weeks ago I did something REALLY different for me. I did art. Let me break this down for you another way… I can do stick figures, very good ones too, with boobs and skirts and shoes. I don’t do art. I doodle.

My friend Debbie Lockie has a company called Expressive Exchange. Fancy huh? She invited me to a workshop. I said yes. The day came and I thought ,’I’m so super screwed on this one.’ But I made a green tea to go, tossed on old tenny’s, and went.

On January 29th YOU can express yourself through the medium of art at Debbie’s next  Expressive Exchange Workshop!!! You can reserve your spot HERE, but hurry there are only 9 spots left!

I sat down to my supplies! Q-tips and make-up sponges. Huh… that’s not too scary. Debbie went on to ask each person why they were there. I told the truth. “Ill do anything Debbie tells me to.”

Our first …

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In my pursuit for self-betterment, am I ignoring a part of myself?

Big Girl Pants- The Explanation

I found something in my closet today and it was crazy how far I had to search through the junk. All this time I find myself working for something. Running miles to connect with my best body, with my best self. Getting on stationary bikes to ride through an imaginary track and relying on a soundtrack or a teacher to distract me to the end, where I find myself engulfed in sweat. Fighting through the self doubt to find my inner strength that will ultimately give me a rush. I did it. I fucking did it. I finished something and am better off now, afterwards, stronger, and only getting stronger.

Every once in a while the thoughts surround me, like a flurry of fireflies, and I wonder if in my pursuit for self-betterment, am I ignoring a part of myself? I run in life, and I run in self from things I want to face. This exercise teaches me that I can find a goal, but the goal is something that I have to define, …

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