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Adjusting Your Exercise & Workout Routine To Go with YOUR Flow

Adjusting to THAT time of the month…

Feeling limited by having my period is something I’ve always fought. When I was a teenager I’d conceal my pads and tampons to the best of my ability. During the summer I’d avoid the beach in fear that I’d have a string incident or be mistaken for a whale. As an adult I feel that same avoidance. Being annoyed that I’m tired for about three days before and three days after my period. Frustrated that I get bloated and short tempered at the exact same time every month.

It finally struck me the other day. I was running, pushing myself, fighting through my discomfort, convincing myself that it’ll be better if I can sweat out the bloat, stretch out the cramps. What for? I’m the reason evolution exists! My body is meant to continue generations, and when it doesn’t pop out a baby, it bleeds a little. And it hurts to bleed. That’s not something to avoid, it’s something to …

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Stillness – The Ability to Completely Be

The New Year always forces me to reconcile my expectations. Whether they are of mind, body, work, or relationships (usually all of the above) I wonder what I can do to achieve them realistically. When my expectations step out of my realm of reality is when I tend to set myself up for failure. And so realistic resolution is the answer.

No, I may not achieve all the things I hope to in the next 12 months. I don’t have any control over who wins the lottery, after all. But maybe I can figure out what it is that I need to find in myself to not only appreciate what I have, but to hope for things that are a few notches above what I am comfortably capable of achieving.

So I begin with my strengths. I am capable of challenging myself physically. I don’t succumb to aches and pains easily, so I’m not prone to excusing myself out of work, workouts or into too many snack traps. I have enormous willpower. I am always thinking between ten minutes and …

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Expressive Exchange: Self Expression Through Color & Art

A few weeks ago I did something REALLY different for me. I did art. Let me break this down for you another way… I can do stick figures, very good ones too, with boobs and skirts and shoes. I don’t do art. I doodle.

My friend Debbie Lockie has a company called Expressive Exchange. Fancy huh? She invited me to a workshop. I said yes. The day came and I thought ,’I’m so super screwed on this one.’ But I made a green tea to go, tossed on old tenny’s, and went.

On January 29th YOU can express yourself through the medium of art at Debbie’s next  Expressive Exchange Workshop!!! You can reserve your spot HERE, but hurry there are only 9 spots left!

I sat down to my supplies! Q-tips and make-up sponges. Huh… that’s not too scary. Debbie went on to ask each person why they were there. I told the truth. “Ill do anything Debbie tells me to.”

Our first …

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Me Vs. Me

I should’ve been at bootcamp at 7:30am. I should’ve gotten out of bed earlier today. But I missed it. And now, I can’t hit the 8:45 because I’ll be late for work. Well, maybe I’ll work out at lunch. There’s that girl that likes to do Spin at noon. Work has been so crazy recently, I should stay at my desk for lunch, keep it light, and stop at the gym on my way home. Yes, I’ll hit that Zumba class at 5:45. But then I won’t be done until 7:15, which means I won’t get dinner until 8. So I’ll have two hours to settle in and chill before bed. But I have to prepare for that presentation tomorrow. Oh well. Today is screwed. I’ll get to bed early and hit up the 7:30 Bootcamp tomorrow for sure.

It’s typical. Today could’ve been a day full of choices that would let me go to sleep with a clear head and looking forward to accomplishing another day where I work and work out to the best of my ability. But I …

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