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Getting Sidetracked – The Workout Rut That Fuels Motivation

I’ve never regretted going to boot camp. I always leave feeling better than when I got there. I’m going to pause to reflect on that. It’s like a guaranteed high that’s completely legal and totally healthy. Amazing.

With that in mind–that my brain and body have learned to associate working out with a feeling of absolute euphoria–my head normally pops off the pillow in the morning pumped to go work out. BUT. There are times when I completely lack motivation to work out. Time away from that conditioned response (an annoyingly small amount of time, even) and it’s unfortunately too easy for me to fall into a rut.

I recently hit one of these aforementioned ruts that sidetracked me from my vigor for working out. These ruts often start innocently enough–sickness, travel, birthdays, holidays, anything out of the ordinary. Then suddenly, it’s been a week since I’ve worked out but–worse still–it feels like it’s been a year. I’m bloated. I’m grumpy. I feel sluggish. I’m eating more than I should, etc. Missing boot camp once is a dangerous thing, but …

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The Synchronicity of Expectation & Confidence

There’s something I know about my clients that I don’t think they do: they can! They can run longer than they do. They can do more push-ups than they think. They can choose not to eat fried foods or desserts and not feel rude or deprived. Their will and their abilities far outweigh what they think. It makes me proud to know this information as I watch them grimace through their workouts with anguish on their face as their bodies and minds duke it out. One saying stop, the other knowing they can do more. How do I align them?

There are times in life when I used to wonder how certain clients just couldn’t see how beautifully capable they are. I watch them take that extra mile, an extra set of stairs, or discipline themselves with a clean diet! But still they wore doubt. I know they can, but how will they unless they try? All of these secrets, and my ambition for my clients is …

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Light & Delicious- Meatless, Cheese-less Eggplant Bake Recipe

I love tasty, fresh, healthy, nutritious, vibrant foods! Foods that make me feel lean, clean that pack in tons of vitamins  & minerals & boost my energy without the extra calories. BUT every once in awhile I get an immense craving for Italian food aka carbs and cheese. Dun, dun, dun. You’re probably thinking that’s not fresh/healthy. And that’s where I step in…

Since I have been trying really hard not to eat meat or  eat too late in the evening, these cravings usually need to be really well thought out.  While doing my weekly shopping at Trader Joe’s I found the most beautiful eggplant. Even though it’s not normally a go-to for me, I’ve been trying to step outside of my box as far as food goes. Also, with a diet consisting mostly of vegetables, I’m running the hell out of things to eat!

So here it goes: Meatless/Cheese-less Eggplant Parmesan. I looked up a few vegan recipes but they didn’t really appeal to me. What I find that I have the most success with is recipes from the …

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Examining Motivation- What’s worth more, positive affect or well-being?

Guest Post by Mommy & Boot Camper Blogger Lindsay Palkovitz

In my recent two posts about happiness (Part I & Park II), I discussed an old concept but one that gets overlooked in our modern American culture: that happiness is not merely the experience of positive feelings or an absence of negative feelings. Think about it; people chase happiness. What is happiness? How do we know if the happiness we’ve found is something that we can trust? Or, what if we don’t feel happy? Are we wasting our life? How about looking at the health outcomes of the decisions you are making? How about examining the motivation and intent driving your actions? These may be a useful measures. Is it truly good for you? Are you living a life that has merit that transcends immediate gratification? What’s worth more, positive affect or well-being? I choose the latter.

I mentioned Socrates in my previous post, and now I will refer to Aristotle; Aristotle reasoned that those who live an eudaimonic life (his definition of the good life …

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Ways Around Lazy Days

Living in Southern California has so many perks. The weather is rarely bad enough to use as an excuse not to go outside. Much like sitting in your car hoping for the silent push of motivation to lull you into your workout. Eventually you start to realize there will always be a reason not to workout, it’s about getting past that and giving in to your healthier self’s needs. But that inclination to allow ourselves to be thrown off track can be avoided.

We try so hard to get into a routine and when there is a reason outside of our control, sometimes we allow it to throw us off track. But what if we didn’t? What if we saw the challenge of weather, or an unexpected schedule change, as a reason to recreate our workout?

This weekend we had a lot of rain and crappy weather in LA. What if you listened to your body, stayed inside and nurtured yourself? But instead of nurturing yourself with ice cream and french fries, what if we established a new way to …

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Sweaty Science

There are a million reasons we pressure ourselves to be active: we want to lose weight, look good in a bikini, keep up with the kids (or active partners), or simply stop being jealous of those people that make looking good seem so effortless. You and I both know that it takes a great amount of effort to even show up to a workout routine, so let’s be clear: everyone who looks like they exercise does. Whatever the reason is that you work up a sweat, I want to reinforce your decision to put your…

Yes, we know this. Did you know that burning 350 calories just 3 times a week can be as affective on your mood as antidepressants? How amazing is it to know that when you are feeling blue, you don’t always have to look outside of yourself to get positive, Dorothy! All you have to do is lace up your ruby slippers and work up a sweat and your smile could be at the end of …

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What We Resist Persists

I was reading an article about “secrets and lies of fad diets” the other day and it struck me: I’ve tried them all! I’ve tried the pills, the powders, the extreme cleanses and the quick cures that always lead me back to the exact same problem: it doesn’t stick! These ebbs and flows of life are how we learn ourselves. They are how we test our own boundaries and figure out where we want to be in life. And the lessons are beautiful. But what if instead of me trying to do what I think will give me the fastest results, I stop pushing myself to such far limits and stick on the longer path with minor changes in the right direction? It would probably yield long lasting results.

For instance, when I set myself on the path to become a physically active person, it lead me to tap into the part of myself that realized that people are walking around with the ability to become their most athletic selves, and they just don’t know how to get there. I …

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Super Healthy Sweet Potato Fries Recipe with Sauteed Onions & Yogurt Dip

I had quite a bit of fun in the kitchen today making super tasty & healthy sweet potato fries. I’m not going to lie…I love ketchup, but the calories & sugar in ketchup can add up fast. Without even realizing I can be 200 calories deep in using a condiment! That’s the equivalent of a 6oz piece of Tilapia!!  So, what is a ketchup lover to do? I came up with a healthy alternative that totally satisfies my cravings and I don’t have to worry about using a pound of ketchup! Check out my video. Let me know what you think!


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Recipe: Brussels Sprout Salad with Tangy Champagne Vinaigrette

So, I have this new favorite hobby…and please don’t judge. I like to copy food items from restaurant menus. I know, weird, but so many times I find myself out and loving a particular dish and want to recreate it without having to fork out (no pun intended) another $30! OR, I see a menu item that looks delish and can’t have it because of my dietary limitations. Plus, restaurant meals can be deceiving & I know I can make a much healthier version!

It all started when I was having dinner at a certain restaurant, in a certain city called Santa Monica, on a certain street called Santa Monica Blvd, right next to Equinox. Oops. Ok, so I decided on the their brussels sprout salad. As soon as the plate was put in front of me, I was in love! The bright green brussels sprout leaves, crunchy toasted almonds, succulent dried blueberries, a touch of creamy Sheep’s milk Manchego cheese, hold the salty bacon bits, and tangy champagne vinaigrette. I wanted to eat it every day. So I did. …

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One Fine Day

A crazy thing happened to me the other day. I was in a rush, hurrying to get some Yoga in before a hectic day. I must have been so lost in my own thoughts that I just nodded at the check-in to whatever class was starting in Room 1.

I walked into the room, straight to the furthest point from the door, and began to set up my things. I was so happy to have made it on time, knowing that I was going to be relaxed and stretched in the effort of stillness. Laying there, concentrating on my breath, gaining focus for what will be occupying me for the next 90 minutes, I began to look around. No familiar faces at a studio that I frequent. Hmmm….

Once the teacher arrived and began the music, I got ready. She had my attention, and although I didn’t recognize her, I was going to give her my full range of ability, in order to give myself the opportunity to relax into someone else’s teaching. About 15 minutes in, as she was …

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