Instructor: Jared Rodriguez, Fitness & Program Development Director at Body Inspired Fitness

What: An advanced 50 minute arms & abs strength based workout. Designed for intermediate and advanced students.

Workout Details: An intense non-stop workout designed to tone, lift, and strengthen your upper body & abdominals. We’ll hit your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, hips, back, biceps, & triceps.

This workout will include high level core engagement techniques, advanced arm toning training, and an intense but serene flow from start to end! This workout is designed to be a fun, high energy, and intense calorie burn. The perfect way to start your weekend!

Prerequisite: You must be 15 years old or older, heart healthy, with a moderate history of exercise. You must currently lift and/or strength train at least twice a week. This workout is for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Not sure if this workout is right for you? Reach out & let’s chat.

When: Saturday Sept 24th. 9:00-9:50am. We’ll start at 9am sharp, so arriving 15 minutes early to park, grab your gear, and get set up is highly recommended.

Bonus: If you want to really crush this workout – Arrive with plenty of time to get in 30-60 mins of pre workout cardio.

Where: “The Bluffs” Palisades Park in Santa Monica. Near Ocean Ave and Montana Ave.

Who’s invited: You are! If you meet the prerequisites we’d love to have you! Current students, NEW students, and visitors welcome!

Cost: Only $20! And only $15 dollars for current students.

Attendance: Space is limited. Do NOT wait to RVSP!

What to Bring: A yoga or fitness mat, water, a set of hand weights you can comfortably work with for the entire 50 mins. Guys – 8-15 Pounds. Ladies – 3-8 pounds. You’re welcome to bring two sets if you wish.

Other details: Please be on time. Don’t hesitate to reach out before the workout if you have any questions or wish to communicate anything with your trainer Jared.