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7 Week Personalized Group Training with Jared Rodriguez

NEXT SESSION –  Jan 4th – Feb 17th

2 Days A Week – Mondays & Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm

Palisades Park in Santa Monica – Near Ocean Ave & Montana Ave

Full Price Tuition for all 7 Weeks – $410

First Time Students – Only $345

BTW – We offer a 100% money back guarantee you will LOVE our program. Seriously. 

Found us mid-session? Are we in the middle of a 7-week camp? Simply email us HERE and we will be happy to get you into a class mid-session.

Supplies – You will need to bring mat, towel, lots of water, and a heart rate monitor. Ladies need 2 sets of hand weights, light set (1-3 pounds) and heavy set (5-8 pounds). Guys need two sets, light set (5-7 pounds) and heavy set (7-20 pounds). Please bring an ipod if you wish.

Angela & Jared require all their students to wear a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor during class.

You can purchase your Polar FT4 heart rate monitor:
Through Amazon HERE.
At cost ($69) through Body Inspired Fitness by emailing Alyson@BodyInspiredFitness.com. If you get it from BIF, your monitor will be delivered to class and will arrive pre-programmed with your exact settings. All you need to do is email Alyson@BodyInspiredFitness.com letting Alyson know you will be purchasing through us!

Why the Polar FT4?
Jared & Angela feel this model is the easiest to use/operate/read, most efficient, and most comfy for the cost. If for some reason you already own a HR Monitor that you love, you will be allowed to wear it instead *IF* your monitor uses a chest strap, is easy to read, accurate, and can show your HR in percentages.

* If you can not afford a HR Monitor at this time please email us and allow us to find a way to help you!
* If you have any concerns or fears about wearing a HR Monitor please email either Jared or Angela and allow them the opportunity to chat with you about this.

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Not sure if group training is for you or are you looking for a personal training? We have options for you too! Email us HERE.

This unique 75 min evening workout series, taught by  Jared Rodriguez, is designed for those who want to seriously train in a small group setting.

You’ll have tons of personal attention as this 6-week series is dedicated to those who are looking for a one-on-one personal trainer experience in an intimate group setting. This 7-week session will focus on cardio, strength, and flexibility training, giving you the results you are looking for in just two evenings a week.

If you are looking for an affordable way to work with a private trainer, and take advantage of the energy that only a group setting can provide, then this series is for you!


Jared is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has been a Body Inspired Fitness trainer for nearly three years. Jared’s clients love his inspirational training style and his ability to motivate his students with his authentic and relaxed energy. Jared is NOT a cheerleader. Jared gets you to work harder than you could ever imagine because of his ability to connect to you and meet you right where you are. You will always leave your workouts feeling proud of your work, empowered, strong, and excited to return.

Working with Jared just 2 times a week will change your body like nothing you have ever done before! Having your own personal trainer who is waiting for you, knows your fitness level, understands and works with your injuries, and pushes you that little nudge to work past where you are comfy…THAT is why Jared’s personalized group training program works! And that is why he has a 95% return rate EVERY SINGLE CAMP.

Did we mention that Jared’s evening workouts are OUTDOORS? Perhaps we should also tell you that during your workout you will witness the sun setting below the Santa Monica pier & the moon as it reflects on the ocean! We don’t just change your relationship to your body, we give you a new way to experience this incredible and beautiful community.

So, come as you are, bring us what you’ve got. Be prepared to amaze yourself. In seven weeks, you’ll redefine your shape and your perception of what you can do.

The results speak for themselves. (So do our clients — check out our boot camp success storiestestimonials)


Not sure if Jared’s class is right for you? Email or call us and let’s talk!


“Jared is more than a fitness trainer. He is your brother. Your best friend. Your mentor. Your coach. He gets in there with you, and inspires you to push yourself in a way you never thought you could. He has not only changed my body, he has changed my life. Is this where I mention I lost 16 pounds and gained 5 inches in my arms in 8 weeks?”


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In Jared’s 7-week program you will:
– Be out of the gym and outdoors!
– Lose weight & inches
– Get lean
– See definition
– Get toned and tight
– Slim your waist
– Strengthen your core & back
– Get strong & fit
– Become more flexible
– Improve your cardio
– Have more endurance
– Have more energy
– Sleep better
– Feel more confident and sexy
– Be proud of your body
– Meet new friends
– Be apart of a healthy & supportive group
– Be excited about getting fit
– Learn proper form and technique
– Be exposed to a variety of workouts


Still not sure? Don’t forget we offer a 100% money back guarantee you will LOVE it!


“I LOVE working out with Jared. But I do have one issue. I now am unable to workout indoors. It’s like I am allergic to the gym! Once you exercise outdoors you CAN’T go back to the gym! Just an FYI to anyone new.”


When you work with Jared you WILL:

– Work your cardio – BIG TIME
– Build your strength – Show me your guns!
– Really hit your core – Can you say flat abs?
– Shape your body – Want to be small, toned & lean? DONE! Want some size? OK. DONE!
– Get flexible – It doesn’t matter how fast or buff you are if you can’t touch your toes!

PLUS– as a BONUS you get to be OUTSIDE and NOT in the gym! Yipee!


You never know what to expect…except that Jared will push you to be your best and that afterward you are grateful for it. His workouts are geared to anyone and everyone- you can have injury or not be in shape and still be able to do the workouts. You just need to trust Jared do what he says and then you will say amazing results.



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Click HERE for FAQ’s about Jared’s workouts! 

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